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Chick is a short form of Charles. My name is an anagram for LESBIAN.charLES IAN Boyd

so fuck off and no you cannot eat my shit. suck the place where my dick used to be. 

This is a collection of all my Music Albums, Adult Rock Videos, Autobiography, TV shows called EAT MY SHOW!, other films I have made & a FORUM where you can say anything you like...please do...swear...talk about other people behind their back PLEASE SAY FUCKING ANYTHING!!!. 5 INSANE RADIO SHOWS-7 hours each- of which you have NEVER HEARD BEFORE!     -DISCOGRAPHY-  There are 37 albums that I have made since 1995. Listen to them here for FREE or download them for FREE in FLAC or MP3, download individual songs if you like.                      There are 72 music videos under VIDEOS-35 are XXX-37 were made for YouTube so everything had to "STAY IN THE PANTS" "PRETEND THAT TITS ARE A BAD THING SHOULD NOT BE SEEN", "DON'T CONTAIN SUCKING COCK" "FURTHER THE EVIL AGENDA WHICH IS YOUTUBE" etc., under MUSIC VIDEOS 1,2 & 3. There is the 60 min. THE JOHN WAYNE GACY SITUATION. I made in 1999. He's the guy who sodomized, tortured & killed 33 boys.




chick boyd

Charles Boyd

MAY 26/ 2020

JAN., 2020

Everyday is Christmas

NOV. 11, 2019

I was a CBC Young Composer of the Year in 1992 for "Sunbathing in Times Square" which is the first song on my first album, The Necropolis Ressurrection in 1995.

And which was solely responsible for Disney CLEANING UP TIMES SQUARE. Because Times Square is full of cum & jizm and porno theatres and glory holes & hookers & drug dealers & strippers & shit & piss & cunt & Vanessa Del Rio & Madonna. YES a mouse with no dick and no balls is going to tell New York
what to do and CROUPIER Times Square. Mental Hygiene is IMPORTANT!!!... 

after all Sunbathing in Times Square is a tale of WOE and nobody wants our future kids to go through this. SO, when future kids get schizophrenia, they won't have Times Square to relate to. Just SQUEEKY "FROMM" CLEAN Times Square to bathe in facing a sentance far worse than I went through...and even being alienated from MY SONG because even that won't make SENSE to them. Let's change the name of Schizophrenia again, from the original DEMENTIA PRAECOX(precotious dementia),
 and from schizophrenia, to BILL MCPHEE'S DISEASE. 

On my YouTube Channel is a 45 minute film called The John Wayne Gacy Story about the killer clown who killed and sodomized 33 young boys in the 1970's.**THEY CANCELED MY YOUTUBE CHANNEL BUT YOU CAN FIND THE FILM HERE UNDER THE *FILM* MENU. 
 I wrote a 46 page autobiography you can download here for free or at charlesboyd.org. 

My latest album is the best record recorded by me or anyone else in any universe ever. It's called MASSIVE SUCCESS and John Lennon co-produced it. He produced 100%
of the 2nd song, "Hey, Dude!" Lucifer was the executive producer of the album. Check it out! It is only the funniest thing of all-time! 

While The Toronto Raptors were winning the NBA World Championship in basketball, literally across the street, we were working on this double album in my condo.

While Michael Jackson's Thriller was cancer, this not only cures cancer "THE EMPORER OF ALL MALADIES"=mal is Latin for bad...BAD LADIES!!?? - CAN SIR- (TUMOUR) -2 MORE-, but Parkinson's-(SOMEBODY'S SON WAS SUCKING COCK IN A PARK -Parkinson's victim is like " this is a dis-ease but there is some truth to it), Schizophrenia **My middle name is IAN which is Scottish for JOHN. I am a rockstar in Ontario, Canada. I had to stop playing altogether because of Scizophrenia== the original name is Dementia Praecox==Precotious Dementia==. "JOHN BOYD PRECOTIOUS DEMENTIA ROCKSTAR ONTARIO, CANADA".

 On the other side of Canada is Brithish Columbia where a very popular band are Spirit of the West.

 They had to STOP because their frontman/ songwriter guy JOHN MANN got SENILE DEMENTIA. Depression, AIDS (which is a anogram for acid), "tHERE'S A NeW dISEASE. wE HAVE TO cALL IT WhAT It IS!@#(like penicillan is PENIS 'ILLIN) -IT'S THE FUCKING EIGHTIES! aidies! 80'S. nOBODY GET'S LAID UNTIL i SAY SO! eVEN THE NIGGERS were hit. HIV = V is Latin for 5--high 5--- "ARE YOU HIGH FIVE POSITIVE OR NEGATIVE?
(fuck it we'll just fist BuMp) AIDS is a designer disease created by the evil DR.RAM DASS. That's his fucking name! Rammed Ass!

 He is a DISGRUNTLED, JEWISH, HARVARD, PSYCHOLOGY PROFESSOR who along with Timothy Leary in the 1960's, got fired for giving all the kids acid.

Him & Leary high-tailed it down to San Francisco and set up shop at HAIGHT/ASHBURY =hate= ash...bury. and called it the LOVE movement.

 The original name of the rock band THE CULT is THE CALIFORNIA DEATH CULT. The singer's name is Ian ASHBURY.
 ED (erectile dysfuction)- "Eddie Murphy's Disease"- Canada's new SARS- Murphy had a joke in Delerious about what could be worse than AIDS? "I guess you just stick your dick in and it explodes"- with erectile dysfunction you don't get to stick your dick in at all!!! eDDIE mUrPHy HAD a bROthER NAMed CHARLES. my NAmE iS CHARLES and i have a brother named ED. VIAGARA DOES NOT EVEN WORK FOR ME...i can't have kids.

 Pandas (a childhood disease), SIDS (these homosexual narcissistIVEs literally "TAKE THE BREATH AWAY" from our children? YES!!!)
"the original